This is the blog of the Graduate Studies department of the School of Communication at the University of Miami.

The School of Communication is student-centered, dedicated to a “hands-on/early-on” learning experience within a globally diverse context. Our curriculum not only reflects contemporary professional practice, but embraces the future with a vigorous intellectual excitement.

Communication is the essential glue of world society and those who embrace it as their calling will become the most influential men and women on the globe.

Overview of graduate programs:

The Master of Arts program offers students a flexible opportunity to do advanced research across the communication field while developing an individual concentration. Programs of study in communication studies, film studies, and public relations require 30 credits of course work including a thesis; those in print journalism, television broadcast journalism, and public relations–non-thesis track require 36 credits of course work.

Master of Fine Arts students may choose to concentrate on film production (cinematography, directing, editing), producing, or screenwriting. The M.F.A. in Motion Picture requires 42 credits of course work, six of which comprise the graduate project, usually a motion picture production or a screenplay.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication is a highly individualized program. Students must complete 57 credits beyond the master’s degree.


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