Meet the Cinema & Interactive Media Department

The Cinema & Interactive Media Department of the School of Communication offers Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees in Motion Pictures and Interactive Media.

The department offers a complete curricular experience in critical understanding and effective creation of contemporary moving image media and interactive design.  The programs are designed to prepare a new generation of innovators, storytellers, and leaders in the field of cinema, transmedia, and interaction design with a mission to explore the creative uses of narrative, documentary, technology, design, and human behavior to entertain, impact, augment, and influence how people communicate. Their slogan is “Trans-cultural, Trans-medial, Trans-formative.”

The MFA in Motion Pictures trains moving image artists at the highest professional levels, offering a three-year MFA degree with flexible specialization in Producing, Directing, Screenwriting, Editing, Cinematography, Sound, Non-Fiction, and Interactive Media creation.

The MFA in Interactive Media aims to prepare a new generation of innovators and leaders in the field of interaction design. Its mission is to explore the use of technology, design,
human behavior, and their impact on communication.

Click here to read more about the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the department.



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