Professor Ranked Fifth Most Prolific Scholar in Communication

Dr. Michael J. Beatty, Professor of Communication Studies, was listed as the fifth most productive active scholar in the history of the communication discipline, according to a recent ranking published in Communication Education journal.

The journal article, entitled “Prolific Scholarship in Communication Studies: Five Years in Review,” attempted to ascertain who the most prolific scholars and active researchers are. They compiled publication rates for the top-tier academic journals, from the past several years, as well as since 1915.

A professor who works closely with graduate students at the University of Miami, Beatty has been Editor of Communication Monographs and Communication Research Reports. His research runs the gamut from marketing and politics, to communication biology, and research methods (he’s teaching a class next semester on CFA), and social influence and public relations.

A Table presenting the journal article’s data (from page 388) is reproduced below. The full Communication Education article can be read here.

Active Authors with 40 or More Articles, 1915-2011

Rank             Previous Rank         Name                        Total articles     Institution

1                      1                                    McCroskey, J.C.   170                         AL-Birmingham

2                     3                                     Benoit, W.                90                           Ohio

3                    3                                      Richmond, V.         84                          AL-Birmingham

4                    2                                      Burgoon, J.             83                          Arizona

5                    5                                      Beatty, M.               82                           Miami

6                    9                                      Levine, T.R.           79                           MSU

7                    5                                       Behnke, R.             78                           TCU

8                   19                                      Myers, S.A.            67                           WV

9                    8                                       Infante, D.              64                           Kent State

10                 13                                     Martin, M.M.         62                            WV


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