School of Communication hosts health communication workshops

Today our Graduate Studies department hosted workshops for health communication and collaboration between the communication and medical schools.

Faculty and students from the School of Communication joined with the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health for a day of shared learning about “Sharing Theory, Research & Practice.”

The morning session was led by Professor Tom Steinfatt, giving an overview of the field. A session on health communication theory & research was taught by Victoria Orrego-Dunleavy. Associate Professor Kim Grinfeder and Assistant Professor Clay Ewing discussed “New Media for Change.” Afternoon sessions — including epidemiology & population health science, community-based participatory research and prevention science, were led by faculty from the medical school. Sanjeev Chatterjee and Ed Talavera led a session entitled “Creating Video for Change.”

To read more about our program in health communication, click here.

Health Communication is an emerging specialty in the field of communication. This graduate program is designed to provide a broad introduction to human communication in a health-care context. Career opportunities in this area include public health leaders, practitioners, and researchers who design, evaluate, and disseminate health communication messages for private and governmental organizations, advertising, public relations and marketing agencies, and journalists. Students will explore the roles of patients and caregivers, social and cultural issues, communication in health organizations, and the role of mass media. Two programs are offered. The thesis track program emphasizes the student’s development of research skills under faculty supervision (30 credits). The non-thesis track program emphasizes a theoretical foundation based on application of communication courses (36 credits).

Click here to read more about the course requirements for the health communication track of our MA program. Apply online here.


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