Interview with Cathy

Zongchao “Cathy” Li will be graduating here next month, with an MA in PR. Then she’s enrolling this Fall to begin pursuit of a PhD in Communication. You can visit her Facebook page here. Cathy kindly answered some questions for our blog.

Question: What impacted your decision to enroll in the doctoral program here?

Answer: I think it’s a good school, and a good program. I like to work with faculty here. So I think it’s a good choice to stay here. I hardly applied to any other schools.

Q: Do you like living here?

A: Yes, very much. The weather is, of course, very nice. And I think people are nice here, as well.

Q: Where did you move from, originally, to enroll for your Masters Degree?

A: I came from China, from Yantai. It’s on the East Coast peninsula of China.

Q: What do you hope to do with your degrees after you’re finished?

A: I plan to be involved in my own research in the next few years and find research or teaching positions. Depends on what type of opportunities come along. I think the degree will be a good plus for me, long term, in my career.

Q: What has been the most fun class you’ve taken?

A: Media Relations, I thought was really interesting. It’s taught by Margot Winick. A lot of students like that class, because it’s very practical and we’re involved in a lot of class discussions and we do an interesting project. I’ve also taken a lot of other interesting classes that were fun and unique. I’ve had good experiences in all of my classes.


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