An Interview with Amanda from China

A native of China, Amanda Mengfan Li moved to Miami to study here. She just completed her first semester as a graduate student in the School of Communication. She’s getting an MA in PR. Amanda kindly answered some questions from our blog.

Question: In China, how did you hear about the University of Miami?

Amanda: Chinese students always pay attention to the university rankings, and most of us take getting an offer from top 50 or top 30 universities as our goal, so UM is one of the choices, and there are some Chinese students who are my alumni in my Chinese school, so I know UM from them. And some people recommended this school to me according to my GPA, GRE, major and future plans.

Question: What reputation does our Department of Communication have in China?

Amanda: Some Chinese students who already studied here for a year told me that UM and the School of Communication have a great reputation and are famous in China.

Q: How do classes differ here, compared to schools in China?

A: In China, most classes are lectures, but here there are a lot of seminars.

Q: What class did you enjoy the most this first semester?

A: Communication theory. Although it was a theory class, I had a chance to do a class presentation and show my ideas in class. It was a good way for me to merge myself in class.

Q: Which class was the most challenging this first semester?

A: International PR. It is difficult to learn about different cultures in different countries, and the exams were difficult.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish while studying for a Master’s here?

A: First, getting the degree successfully. Second, doing some internship in America which can help me to understand the industry. Third, making a further career plan and achieving my dream.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish after you have earned your Master’s Degree? What are your plans after Graduate School?

A: Getting a job that I like. I want to work in media, PR agencies, or something involving cultural communication and creative industries.

Q: In addition to classes, exams and papers, this first semester of Grad School also featured some special events. What was the most fun thing you did this first semester?

A: It was really interesting to go to a Halloween party at a Professor’s house. It was my first time celebrating Halloween and going to a party in America.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about adjusting here, coming here from China?

A: Language!!!!! It is all about language!! I really want to speak more fluent English!!!!

Q: What words of advice & encouragement do you have for Chinese students who are considering applying/enrolling here?

A: Try your best to improve your English and practice listening skills when you study in China.


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