Film scholars study Alfred Hitchcock

Our graduate school offers several different degrees with an emphasis on film studies in their programs. (Click here for a full list.)

Last weekend, there was an Alfred Hitchcock festival, with several films, plus esteemed faculty scholars here at our university gave commentary. For example, Dr. Christina Lane gave an introduction of “The Birds.”

This weekend, we’re sponsoring an event for Hitchcock’s “Marnie,” starring  Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren.

In addition to viewing the film, there will be a panel featuring two renowned Hitchcock scholars who propose that “Marnie” is Hitchcock’s most exemplary film, representing a culmination of the director’s psychological and stylistic preoccupations.

One of our professors, Dr. William Rothman, author of Hitchcock: The Murderous Gaze, will present “Always in Love with Marnie” which draws on the Oscar Wilde quote “Each man kills the thing he loves” to analyze the director’s split artistic personality.

You can view the trailer for “Marnie,” and read more about the “Marnie” event by clicking here.

According to Dr. Lane, “Marnie” is one of Hitchcock’s most controversial and frequently overlooked movies.

“He is, for film, the equivalent of Shakespeare for theater,” Dr. Rothman told The Miami Hurricane. “Hitchcock is one of the greatest masters of the art of pure cinema. He started his career in the silent period and for half a century made a long series of films, each one of which was popular. Everybody enjoyed his films. They were understandable by everyone, nonetheless very deep.”


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